Sunday, May 14, 2017

More May Showers

Last few days have been very wet.

But I did manage a personal best, fitting 8 bags of manure in the car.  And they let me have it for free because I shoveled out the stall myself.

Now waiting for the ground to drain to keep digging. 


  1. Hi, Coco!

    Shoveling manure (especially if it's very fresh . . .) is such a hard job. You have a great bunch of it now. Does it need to compost any more or is it ready to use? We have had a lot of rain like you - and it was quite cool, too - so we had to put off planting the rest of the tomatoes and peppers and hot weather stuff, like sweet potatoes and melons. Lots of sun in the forecast now. Yay!


  2. Hi Coco,

    That is wet. Is your rainfall gauge measuring inches? Well done with the manure score. Your soil will appreciate the feed. Are you planning to apply it straight away, mix the manure in to the existing soil, or let it rest for a while in the bags?


  3. It´s half-fresh bedding and poop. Most is the packed stuff underlayer the horse has been standing on for a while and the rest is fluffy and more ¨recent¨ with its associated deposits. The good thing about shoveling it myself is I get to pick and choose how to mix it in the bag. But it is heavy!

    So far, I´ve been buring it in double dug beds, as my soil needs both fertilization and tilth. I did spread quite a bit on the flowers last fall, topped off with a few inches of dried leaves, but the grass growing through this spring was amazing. So it needs to be covered pretty thoroughly.

    I´d compost a bunch, but need to find a place that´s both handy and yet not going to bother us or the neighbors.

    That is the inches side of the guage. Yesterday was warm with no rain, but very humid. Some more scattered showers predicted for later this week but the news tells me Galicia is still on alert for drought.

    Breo had his operation yesterday and is home. He came through with flying colors. Now the challenge is to keep him from licking the shaved leg or jumping on the furniture.